5 Things To Know Before Buying An Ebike

5 Things To Know Before Buying An Ebike

Electric bike, or e-bikes, have taken the world by storm and disrupted the mode of transportation and exploration. And when you are out to buy an electric bicycles, it's more than choosing any model; it is about getting the right one that's best for you. 

Be it a professional cyclist or someone new to the world of electric bikes, this guide will give you all the essential things to make an informed decision. 

So, below are five major things to know before buying an ebike. 

1, Your Purpose and Need

Start by, taking a moment and consider yourself: What makes you want an e-bike? Will it assist you in your daily commute to work or be your adventurous partner in off-road trails?

With this kind of information, there are 7 major types of e-bikes to consider.

  • Road E-Bikes, 
  • Mountain E-Bikes, 
  • Hybrid E-Bikes, 
  • Cruiser E-Bikes, 
  • Folding Electric Bikes,
  • E-Cargo Bikes, 
  • Fat E-Bikes

Pick the right one for you when you know what you're looking for. That's very easy: to understand your actual needs and intentions, first, you must study your intended use. Then, knowing your purpose and need, you can refine your search for the best electric bike that fits your lifestyle.

2, Battery Size and Motor Capabilities

The size of the battery is the determinant factor for the riding range, the time to recharge, speed, weight, and motor power. Typically, higher voltage batteries give more power, wider speed ranges, greater distance coverage, and fewer stops required for recharging. On the other hand, the weight factor comes with it. This is how it is with the weight factor, depending on how you ride.

Besides the battery, there is another crucial component that separates an e-bike from a regular one: the motor. Two types of e-bike motors are, in all essence, hub motors and mid-drives. 

Hub motors are usually set up inside the front or rear wheel, while mid-drive motors are set up in the frame of the e-bike to allow for better balance and greater efficiency. Opting for motor position and the effect it has on e-bike performance is crucial.

3, Pedal Assist vs. Throttle

Most e-bikes operate with three types of class for pedal assist: either manual pedaling, pedal-assist, or throttle-assist mode.

The pedal-assist will help you as you pedal, giving you an option for good exercise with added help. This is good for those who wish to maintain some level of physical activity.

On the other hand, the use of a throttle assist enables riding without pedaling, providing an immediate source of power, is ideal for moving along steep slopes or on long rides. It depends on how much assistance you need during the commute and what type of terrain you will use.

4, Size and Weight

Size and weight are very important factors to determine the functionality and ease of the electric bike. Some examples, in case there is some sort of restriction on the space and need to transport, often would be a compact and lightweight design for ease of use. 

On the other hand, the choice has to be with one that comes in a more stable and durable shape while you are carrying it and commuting. It’s also important to ensure that you are riding an electric bike that is meant for your body size and riding posture. 

Consider adjustable features such as seat height, handlebar position, and stem length. These have the potential to make the control and level of comfort while riding your e-bike much better.

5, Safety Features

Conceive a safe riding environment. Consider these criteria in selecting an electric bike, such as brakes, smart cut-off, suspension, lights, locking mechanism, and reflective elements.

By considering these factors, you will have all the requirements needed to select the best electric bike for your lifestyle. At Aipas Bike, we offer a collection of electric bicycles to be able to provide all the essential features for enjoyable rides. Check our collection and see the great advantages of electric biking.

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