Aipas Important Announcement

Aipas Important Announcement

Dear Aipas Supporters,

First and foremost, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to every one of our customers. Your love and support for Aipas have led to a significant increase in orders in a short period. Thank you for your trust and support!

As many companies would agree, good growth often comes with both risks and opportunities. At this juncture, I want to take the opportunity to explain some situations to all Aipas supporters. Since 2022, we have consistently promised delivery within 3-5 days and have successfully met this commitment 100% over the past two years. However, since May this year, Aipas has made strategic adjustments to prioritize our customers, enabling everyone to experience the transition from traditional to tech-driven products at the lowest cost.

We are well aware that the traditional bicycle industry has a history spanning over a century, and in the past two years, electric bikes (ebikes) have gradually replaced most traditional bicycles. We believe that the development of ebikes has brought joy to many, retaining the exercise mode of traditional bicycles while adding an electric system, greatly assisting those with mobility issues. This aligns with Aipas' vision—technology should not be lofty but serve consumers, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of technology at the lowest cost.

Recently, our internal senior management decided to sell our products at the lowest prices, leading to a rapid sell-out of the A2 and C2 models. Our factory is continuously producing and shipping, which has resulted in increased wait times. We now ship as soon as 2,000 units are produced, whereas before we shipped in batches of 10,000. Consequently, the frequent arrival of goods and the difficulty in controlling packaging time have affected delivery efficiency. The previously promised 3-5 day delivery may be delayed. If you do not wish to wait after purchasing, please contact us for a refund, and we will process it as soon as possible. However, please do not initiate a dispute, as disputes freeze funds and prevent us from issuing refunds. We hope everyone aims to solve problems rather than escalate them.

Aipas is certainly not a scam as some might think. Our factory has been established for over ten years and has manufactured products for the Lectric Ebikes brand, producing from a few thousand units annually to over 200,000 units each year. Thus, we have substantial strength. The recent slow delivery is due to a surge in sales and our price adjustments. The same models and quality are now priced at only $699.

After deliberation, our senior management has decided to implement two improvement plans:

  1. Increase the price of the original models, which might reduce the number of purchasers.
  2. Clearly inform customers of the wait time, shipping to those who accept it and providing refunds to those who do not.

We would appreciate your feedback on which strategy you prefer. Please comment and let us know, and we will review and consider your opinions seriously.

Lastly, we hope everyone understands the current situation. It will not last long as our factory is ramping up production. Additionally, we will soon launch four new models with a pre-sale system, offering extremely low early bird prices and clear delivery times. We hope our customers can understand and support us.

Thank you once again for your support and understanding!


The Aipas Team

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