A6 Cargo Ebike

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Color: White
Style: Dual Battery

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A6 Cargo Ebike

A6 Cargo Ebike

White / Dual Battery


Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

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1-5 Gear Levels

Speed From 0 to 28 Mph

Motor 1500W

Rear-Wheel Drive Motor

Max 480 Lbs

Weight Capacity 480 Lbs

48V 29 Ah

Battery Capacity

Range 155 Miles

Single Charge Range

85 Nm

85 Nm Of Torque

UL 2849

UL Certification

4-6 Hours

To Fully Charge

Powerful Lighting Configuration

The bike also comes with brakes, headlights, and turn signal lights. When activated on the control panel on the left side of the handlebars, the turn signal lights illuminate, in addition to a separate horn and light button.

1500-Watt Motor

This bike is equipped with an 1500W, 48V motor, and can reach a top speed of up to 28 miles per hour with pedal assistance. It has a high torque of 85, making it capable of conquering various terrains.

Adjustable Handlebars

Handlebars that are highly adjustable for both vertical and horizontal angles, featuring ergonomic grips, allowing the A6 to conform to your riding posture, enabling more comfortable long rides.


28 Mph

155 Mile

Powerful Electronic Control Configuration

A6 features 5 levels of electronic assist and is equipped with the M5 display screen.
It can show energy levels, speed, pedal assist level, ride mileage, trip, and odometer.

Cruise Control: Maintain a fixed speed, allowing the bike to move automatically.
Assist Mode: Effortless walking and pushing the bike without exertion.
Sport Mode: Enhanced torque for quick acceleration and higher power output.
Pedal Assist Mode: Easier pedaling while still enjoying the fun of cycling.
Pure Electric Mode: No need to pedal; control the speed using electronic controls

Hydraulic Button Design

-The hydraulic brakes work effectively and come with integrated brake lights.
-Turn signal lights and a horn are seamlessly integrated into the bike.
-Buttons provide a responsive tactile feedback and won't depress easily.

Robust Rear Rack

The A6 features a robust rear rack capable of withstanding 480 pounds, with dimensions of 21 inches by 6.75 inches and two 11-inch slots for locally installing popular child seats. Additionally, the bike includes a transparent protective shield to safeguard children's feet from getting caught in the wheels.

Closed, Concealed Battery Design

This bike is equipped with a 48V 29Ah lithium-ion battery and an 1500W motor. The enclosed design achieves an IPX-6 waterproof rating, providing better protection for the battery cells and preventing theft. Aipas batteries are internationally certified with UL 2849, ensuring a longer lifespan and larger capacity, with a full charge offering a range of up to 155 miles.

  • Colour
  • 1 Year Warranty

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  • Motor 1500W

  • Speed From 0 to 28 Mph

  • 85 Nm

  • UL Certification

  • Max 480 Lbs

  • 48V 29Ah

  • Range 155 Miles

Additional Features And Configurations Of The A6

A6 additional configurations and features are all designed to provide a comfortable, smooth, and safe riding experience on urban roads.

"20" x 3" puncture-resistant tires

With 20*3 fat tires and front suspension, it can conquer various road conditions, including flat roads, mountain trails, snow-covered fields, gravel pavements, and more.

Adjustable Suspension

The left and right rotation adjustment buttons allow you to adjust the suspension's softness or hardness, up to 100mm, to help you tackle different road conditions, ensuring a stable and safe ride.

Hydraulic Brake 180mm

The bike has a Tectro caliper and 180-millimeter disc rotors, and a hinge for folding.

  • Geometry
  • Specification
  • Box Product List
  • A -- Total Length 69 ″

  • B -- Wheelbase 49 ″

  • C -- Mix Handlebar Height 41 ″

  • D -- Max Handlebar Height 44 ″

  • E -- Minimum Seat Height 28 ″

  • F -- Maximum Seat Height 37 ″

  • G -- Chain Stay Lengtha 26 ″

  • H -- Stand Height 22 ″

  • I -- Top Tube Length 22 ″

  • J -- Head Tube Length 9 ″

  • K -- Handlebar Length 26 ″

  • L -- Wheel Diameter 21 ″

  • M -- Minimum Seat to Floor 32 ″

  • N -- MAX Seat to Floor 41 ″

  • Battery  48V 29Ah

  • Charger US Standard 2.0 A Smart Charger

  • Range 155 Miles

  • Controller 48V / 22A

  • Hub Motor 1500W brushless gear motor

  • Display LCD Display

  • Total Payload Capacity  480 LBS

  • Weight  90LBS

  • Recommended Rider Heights  4'11" ~ 6'50"

  • Pedal Assist Intelligent  0~5 level pedal assist

  • Tires  20" x 3" KENDA

  • Throttle  Half twist throttle

  • Rear Light  Left and right turn signal brake lights

  • Suspension With locking and adjustment functions.


  • 1* User Manual

  • 1* Headlight

  • 1* Fenders

  • 1* Charger

  • 1* Seat

  • 2* Pedals

  • 1* Keys

  • 2* Batteries


Customer Stories

Customer Reviews

Based on 306 reviews
Performance: NORMAL
Value of money score: WORTH
Recommendation score: DEPENDS ON SITUATION
Improvements: The back battery! It's way too hard to move. The rubber covers on the batteries need real improvement too.
It is indeed a cargo bike

I'm always skeptical of reviews. Never really know if they're by real people or not. I'm pretty sure I'm real, and I definitely spent a real $1.6k getting a grey bual battery A6.
So have a review. Hope it helps you decide on what bike is good for you.

I have some qualms with the A6.
The rear/second battery is a nightmare to remove or put in. Seriously, wow..
The rubber covers on the batteries can't hold up for very long, two months in and they've fallen off, leaving the charging port and power switch exposed.
The blinkers are very small. From just two car lengths away all you can tell is there's a blinking light. Mostly useless.
The charging port on the batteries is super weird and finicky. You're going to struggle plugging the charger in more often than not.
The kick stand sucks, majorly. Either you have to pull the bike back, this pulling away from whatever you're locking the bike to, or you have to lift the back of a heavy bike that might have heavy cargo in it to put the kickstand down.

But! But! I don't hate this bike. I do like it.
You can get to 21mph on pure throttle with no/light cargo, which I appreciate on lazy outings.
The range really is great! I haven't pushed the limits of it (yet) but I have very little range/battery level anxiety with this bike.
It really can handle some serious weight. I'm talking 400lbs fairly frequently!
Aside from the rubber covers on the batteries, this bike is sturdy. I crashed going 25mph (avoiding a car that ran a stop sign) and aside from a broken chain and some scuffs, this bike is still chugging good.
Almost 500 miles in the first two months of having it, and it's taking it like a champ.
The LCD screen is very visible, even at night.

Here are a few neutral comments on the bike;
You do not have to have the keys to turn on or drive the bike.
It's a big, heavy bike, so if you're used to regular sized ebikes, prepare for less maneuverability. Just part of cargo bikes!
More cargo means less speed. You're not going to get that 21mph throttle spread with the bike fully loaded.
If you have a passenger, and you're struggling to find pegs, 3/4in PVC pipe works like a charm.

So, all in all, if you want a bike that's sturdy, can haul a lot, and has good range, the A6 dual battery can offer that. Just keep some of the downsides (especially the exposed charging port!) in mind.

Performance: EXCELLENT
Value of money score: SUPER WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Improvements: Offer different color and add more of cargo accessories
The best cargo bike 👍

Very high-quality cargo eBike. Very smooth. Front very fast great for deliveries suspension works great. I love the rear rack you can customize it to your needs

Curtis B.
Performance: EXCELLENT
Value of money score: SUPER WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Improvements: Maybe integrate a USB port into the display or near control panel
Amazing cargo bike!

Perfect bike for me. Smooth power delivery with lots of torque for hills with a heavy load. Love the silent motor, hydraulic brakes, and the physical buttons for turn signals and lights. Extra battery helps tremendously with range anxiety.

Walter Im Im
Performance: EXCELLENT
Value of money score: SUPER WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND

A6-Dual battery Cargo Ebike

Kim Coffey

A6-Dual battery Cargo Ebike

Performance: EXCELLENT
Value of money score: Super Worth
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Fat Bottomed Girl... you make my rocking world go 'round

My experience has been great. The dual battery model gives me confidence that I will reach my destination coming and going. I am very happy with my purchase.

Performance: Normal
Value of money score: Worth
Recommendation score: DEPENDS ON SITUATION
It’s a A+ decent bike

It’s a really decent bike with style.