Aipas®M2 Xterrain Ebike

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1-5 Gear Levels

Speed From 0 to 30+ Mph

Motor 1500W

Rear-Wheel Drive Motor

Max 450 Lbs

Weight Capacity 450 Lbs

48V 13Ah

Battery Capacity

Range 74 Miles

Single Charge Range

110 Nm

Max 22° Gradient

UL 2849

UL Certification

4-6 Hours

To Fully Charge

BAFANG 1500W Power

The M2 features a 1500W outer rotor BLDC motor from the BAFANG sub-brand. The motor is equipped with a 5-level pedal assist system (PAS). At level 1 PAS, the controller can deliver a torque of up to 110 Nm, while at level 5 PAS, the speed can reach 30MPH or higher. The motor utilizes a sinusoidal wave structure and can rotate at a speed of 2239 revolutions per minute within one minute. The BLDC motor boasts low interference, low noise, smooth operation, high speed, high temperature resistance, and a longer lifespan (over 100,000 hours), ensuring stability and reliability in various complex environments and prolonged riding sessions.

Equipped with Samsung 48V 13Ah battery

The M2 electric bike, powered by Samsung 21700 battery cells, offers several advantages in terms of battery performance. Compared to traditional 18650 cells, 21700 cells typically have higher capacity, allowing them to store more energy. Additionally, the energy density is increased by 6% compared to 18650 batteries, meaning that in the same volume, 21700 batteries can provide longer range or higher power output. Moreover, the M2 electric bike features a quick-detach battery structure, making it easier to replace and maintain, providing users with a more convenient experience. Furthermore, the battery of this electric bike achieves an IPX6 rating, demonstrating excellent waterproof performance, ensuring reliable operation in various complex environments.

Introduction to M2 Electronic Control

Cruise Control: Maintains a fixed speed for automatic driving.
Assist Mode: Easily propels the bicycle without exerting much effort.
Sport Mode: Enhanced torque for achieving high speed and high power output.
Pedal Assist Mode: Makes pedaling easier while enjoying the ride.
Pure Electric Mode: No pedaling required; speed is controlled electronically.

5 PAS levels

Equipped with an M5 display screen, it can show speed, PAS level, travel distance, external charging, battery level display, and function display.

The instrument is the charger

The M5 instrument panel is equipped with a USB port, which can fulfill your phone's and daily charging needs.

Detailed feature introduction and configuration of M2

Please make sure to review the detailed feature introduction of the M2. Among the same models, the M2 offers the best value for the money

  • Fat Tire
  • Adjustable Suspension
  • Lighting Configuration
  • Disc Brake
  • Electronic Control
  • Mechanical Gear Control
  • Twist Grip Throttle
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  • M2 Available In Four Colors

Assembly Instruction

Welcome to our M2 installation guide! This brief video will show you how to easily assemble your new electric bike. Whether you're a first-time assembler or an experienced bike enthusiast, this video will provide you with clear steps and helpful tips.

  • Geometry
  • Specification
  • Box Product List
  • A -- Max Seat Height 40 ″

  • B -- Top Tube Length 24 ″

  • C -- Handlebar Length 26 ″

  • D -- Head Tube Length 10 ″

  • E -- Min Seat Height 34 ″

  • F -- Stand Over Height 35 ″

  • G -- Chain Stay Length 20 ″

  • H -- Wheelbase 49 ″

  • I -- Total Length 72 ″

  • J -- Wheel Diameter 26 ″

  • K -- Handlebar Height 47 ″

  • L -- Min Seat to Floor 26 ″

  • M -- Max Seat to Floor 46 ″

  • Battery  48V 13Ah

  • Charger US Standard 2.0 A Smart Charger

  • Range 74 Miles

  • Controller 48V / 22A

  • Hub Motor 1500W brushless gear motor

  • Display LCD Display

  • Total Payload Capacity  450 LBS

  • Weight  72.6LBS

  • Recommended Rider Heights  5'7" ~ 6'5"

  • Pedal Assist Intelligent  0~5 level pedal assist

  • Tires  26" x 4" Fat Tires

  • Throttle  Half twist throttle

  • Rear Light  Left and right turn signal brake lights

  • Suspension With locking and adjustment functions.


  • 1*User Manual

  • 1* Headlight

  • 1* Fenders

  • 1* Charger

  • 1* Seat

  • 1* Keys

  • 1* Battery


Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Performance: EXCELLENT
Value of money score: SUPER WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Improvements: Better manual , more details , Better manual , more details , Better manual , more details
Great bike for a decent price

Only have a few miles on the bike but seems decent. Has good power with the electric motor and battery life seems good. The front forks are ok at best and tires seem ok. I’m not sure how it would hold up against extreme mountain biking but for someone just wanting a cruiser it’s perfect. Never received my free gift though….

Hector Marcano
Performance: EXCELLENT
Value of money score: WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Review M2 AiPAS

Very satisfied

Performance: EXCELLENT
Value of money score: SUPER WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Improvements: Longer lasting battery., This bike is a blast. Highly recommend., This bike is a blast. Highly recommend.
This is one quality built bike.

The packaging was top shelf. Everything was wrapped and secured in the heavy duty box. Not a scratch anyplace. Take your time assembling it and go by the directions. The welds on the frame were some of the best I’ve seen. Everything fit as it was suppose to.

Lin Guine
Performance: EXCELLENT
Value of money score: SUPER WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Improvements: The crotchbar too high. I am 5 foot five inches or 65 inches , Would like a m2 step through
too tall for 5’5 person

I love this bike. The features are awesome. Everyone stops us when we are riding to ask about it. HOWEVER i am 5foot 5 inches tall and have a VERY DIFFICULT time touching the ground when coming to a stop, which in turn, makes it also difficult to try to hop back up and start pedaling again. It makes me scared, especially when there is alot of traffic. I wish they made a step through or “womens” model with a lower crotchbar for the M2. I also have to tilt the bike down a bit to get on, which isn’t terrible but the bike is heavy sometimes after riding and having to get off and on to walk. Besides that we love them. We also bought bigger seats and cargo bags.

Darcy Aberle
Performance: EXCELLENT
Value of money score: WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Improvements: NA
First Ebike

This is my first Ebike. I enjoy riding it, the bike handles well and with the assist makes the ride enjoyable. The M2 with the larger tire rides nice with the tire helping the shock system. The seat is comfortable for the length of rides I have been doing. The charging system lasts a long time and doesn't take long to charge it up again for the next day. Great bike for the price. I would recommend having help when putting it together to help hold the bike upright. Easy putting together with online directions. Have fun

Mike Rutherford
Performance: NORMAL
Value of money score: WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Improvements: Battery amp needs to be better/higher
Quality and balanced

The bike has lots of torque. Hills are a breeze. The balance of the bike is perfect. Build quality and components are very good. The battery is too low "ah" for what the bike is. I wish they would offer a higher "ah" than 11 or 13. The labels and online say different all over. The ah needs to be above 19 for this type of bike. Overall I am impressed with the bike. I will be looking to get a spare battery or a higher "ah" that will fit.

Henry Lee
Performance: WORTH
Value of money score: NORMAL
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Dangerous to ride, if your 72 like me but a blast if younger. This bike is a teal tank and kicks ass

Im 72 and i should not hav bought this bike.
It goes 42 mph, well28. But this bike is awsome